The genesis of this collection called “Sediantropomorfa” began in 2014 immediately after the artist finished another great work in sanguine, “Il piede del golfista” 100 × 70 cm. Starting from the concept that according to the artist there is neither the figurative nor the abstract, these mysterious works dissected and closed in plexiglass boxes appear like a virtual and suspended keyboard. Suddenly the work, which at first glance appeared a figurative work, becomes abstract. When one looks at an abstract work, one tries to recognize some concrete form… but taking a detail of a figurative work it suddenly becomes abstract.

SEDIA ANTROPOMORFA  2014 sanguigna 210×100

SEDIA ANTROPOMORFA  2019 olio su tela 50×70

SEDIA ANTROPOMORFA  2018 olio su tela 

SEDIA ANTROPOMORFA 2014 olio su tela 30×30

SEDIA ANTROPOMORFA  2014 olio su tela 30×30

SEDIA ANTROPOMORFA 2014 olio su tela 30×30