The figurative art has always been full of symbolisms sometimes hidden and mysterious, sometimes esoteric, sometimes linked to something that the artist could not represent openly…

Symbol, a word that derives from the Greek verb symballo, “to reunite” two parts of an object and this reunion allows the recognition of a commonality between the owners of each half and in this it joins the theory of Plato’s hermaphrodites, but the whole that is created still retains, even in the new identity, the trace of the difference of a sense that does not close.

Symbol: the collation of visible forms in order to show invisible things.

Ribbons, tape, gala, or cartouche have a positive value that alludes to the blossoming and eternity connected to perfection and immortality…

The knotted ribbon assumes positive values, as very often its shape is reminiscent of a flower and therefore indicates the blossoming in the beneficial sense of opening. Very unique and interesting at the same time from the meaning point of view is the circular shape of the ribbon that leads to a real reference to perfection and immortality based on a conception of time perceived as infinite that alludes metaphorically to eternity and God.

Examples are the symbol of Moebius by Max Bill.

The ribbon as previously described suggests an idea of ​​bond, of union, but the ribbons are tied, loose, floating, tangled but despite having complicated paths they eventually come out free from the rarefied image of a sky or a black background, they get knotted they melt, fly … looking for the immortality of a perfect circle …

RIBBONS 2010 olio su tela 30×30

RIBBONS 2010 olio su legno 30×30

RIBBONS 2010 olio su legno 30×30

VORTICE  2016  tecnica mista 50×50

CUORE  2016  olio su tela 30×30

17 USCITE 2016  olio su tela 100×100

RIBBONS 2010 olio su tela 30×30

RIBBONS 2010 olio su legno 30×30

TO BE CONTINUED 2017  olio su tela 35×50

CUORE  2020 olio su 2 tele 160x 80 

HELENA 2019 olio su tela 80×80

RIBBONS 2020 olio su tela 100×100

INFINITO 2019 olio su tela 60×60 

TO BE CONTINUED 2019 olio su tela 200×140