It all began in the far 1980 when, fresh from artistic high school and architecture tables, Cinzia Cotellessa begins to use Indian ink to make naive landscapes full of lines and dots that magically became volumes and chiaroscuro … and then gradually her style seems to change.

Over the years she has used the most disparate techniques, from sanguine to oil, with always different themes but still with an almost obsessive attention to details but very far (at least in appearance) from her almost oriental ink drawings. We arrive with a leap to 2016 and, after having made a series of portraits of famous artists in sanguine and oil called “I guerrieri della luce”, she creates a large oil portrait of Picasso in black and white.

Why black and white? Because the two “non-colors” are actually the beginning and end of the five elements of FENG SHUI: black, the water, and white, the metal. The fusion of these colors brings to the harmony of this oriental philosophy of which this artist is passionate enough to make an exhibition in 2015 on this theme and carefully studied the SHU or magic square. In fact, maybe difficult to observe at first glance, Cinzia Cotellessa almost always works on square supports, and it is no coincidence. After making the portrait of Picasso, obviously square in shape, in 2017 she paints the Nudes, Pets and much more, but as in an invisible circle she returns to her beloved black and white…

NUDO 2016 olio su tela 80 x80

PROFILO 2016 olio su tela 50×50

NUDO 2016 olio su tela 80×80

PENSIERI 2017 olio su tela 40×40

OMBRE 2017 olio su tela 50×50

SEDIA ANTROPOMORFA 2017 olio su tela 50×70

PICASSO 2017 olio su tela 80×80

17 USCITE  2017 olio su tela 100×100

HELENA 2019 olio su tela 80×80 


TACCHI A SPILLO 2019 olio su tela 80×80